Connect with a Ministry

Liturgy & Worship Ministries

No matter your stage or season of life, 

we want you and your family to join us!   

Volunteers for the different ministries are welcome at any time.  


LITURGY COMMITTEE - Lorrie Van Somer:  250-595-5981 or


LECTORS - Florence Savage:

GREETERS - Theresa Smith:

USHERS - Theresa Smith:

GIFT BEARERS - Theresa Smith:

SACRISTANS - Joseph Calenda:  250-589-8430

                                John Mochrie:   250-592-7814

ALTAR LINENS - Audrey Thom:   250-592-8605

RESPONSIBLE MINSTRY & SAFE ENVIRONMENT - Dennis Smith: or 250-889-8060
Link to Victoria Diocese Responsible Ministry protocols and procedures.